Should I trim already layered hair wet or straightened?? Please help!

Hey everyone. So my main concern is dying and trimming my already layered hair. I dyed my hair about three months ago with I believe a loreal dye in a blond color that i had lying around because someone gave it to me. After that, my hair was just dreadful. I lost all types of curl. Now about a month ago, I dyed it with loreal hicolor highlights in magenta and used 20 developer. I use a red depositing shampoo and conditioner but I only wash my hair twice a week at most. When I do wash it, I make sure to do a hot oil treatment to my scalp & hair the night before and then leave it overnight. When I do style it curly, I get some pretty decent curls, considering the damage I had before. I'm currently growing out my hair and it's about 3 or 4 inches below my shoulder but that's the longest layer. I have an issue with keeping my flat iron down so I really want to trim my already layered hair just to "spruce" up the curls and rid myself of damaged ends. I do plan on redying my hair in a few days so getting onto the point...I'm unsure if I should dye my hair first and then trim it, but when I trim it, I feel like I should straighten it and just cut it like that because I can see the layers much better. My hair is still damaged from my 5 year flat ironing problem but I'm slowly repairing it. So anyways, should I straighten my hair and then cut it or just cut it while it's wet?

After I do dye and cut it, I plan on trying out gvp reconstructing treatment and then a hot oil treatment after that. Btw my layers were done by a professional about 6 months ago. I just feel like I should cut it myself because my hair stylist gets scissor happy lol.


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    Preferably neither. When you cut your hair wet, unless you know your drying pattern really well, you risk screwing up length estimates and shaping.

    When you cut it straight, a similar thing happens... unless of course you get equal shrinkage on every single strand. (Which I don't think happens to anyone going from straight -> curly).
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