thank you guys!

so I had the dry scalp questions a few days ago and alot of you thought i should actually cowash all week and just use a sulfate once a week and so far im day 4 of just cowashing and my scalp feels better and my hair isnt frizzy anymore. I guess i dried it out too much even with a gentle sulfate or one that said no one at all but who knows what it was. I also stopped using v05 the raspberry one. I went back to tresseme' naturals. Much better! thanks guys!


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    Yay for fixing issues!

    I generally find that a lot of the people who think they have dandruff actually just have super dry scalp. It's funny how you can be super careful about using moisturizing lotions and such on your body, but even though your scalp is skin too, it's easy to forget that it needs some love too!
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    This sounds like something that may benefit me. Id like to know though how many times do you co wash in between shampoos. I usually wash (with shampoo) every 4-5 days, sometimes even once a week. Should i try alternating cowashing and pooing every other week? Or should i poo every weekend and cowash in the middle of every week? Please help me, the scalp dryness is killing me!

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