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Hai curly's and wavy's,

Need to say I love the site! Only there is soooo much information, I can't keep up:cyclopsani: I already figured out the next things about my hair:

- wavy hair 2C
- normal / thick width
- low/medium porosity
-medium/high density

I'm amazed by this new way of treating curls and I wanna go all in! I want to quit all the shampoo and other products and start all over. So I'm planning on throwing everything away and buy new products on curlmart. I first want to have these product before I go no poo. The only problem is that i don't want to spend too much money and I want to buy a minimal amount of products.
I am trying to let my hair grow long but it is dry and the split ends come back very soon. Besides that my hair gets heavy because of all the products I use and my curls become less.
I wanna have healthy and bouncy curls! :D

So my questions are:

- What kind of products do i need? Can i just use a conditioner to clean and to leave in one? After that a gel or mousse? Or do I need a shampoo because my hair is not jet used to not washing? Or should I buy baking soda instead?

- Which products do you recommand from Curlmart that are good for my type of hair?

- How often do i need to use the conditioner? (I shower my hair every day) What is your daily routine?

Thanks!!! xxx


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    To start, you'll need two CG-friendly conditioners, and a CG-friendly gel or mousse. I think it's best to start simple and add on from there.

    A great place to get ideas about products is this thread: Look through people's signatures to find someone with hair properties similar to yours, and check out what they are using and how. It can definitely be overwhelming, but I always love going back to this thread for ideas.

    Generally, I think most people use a light/cheap conditioner to "conditioner wash," usually something like the V05 clarifying line or Suave Naturals. Some people might also use a low-poo once a week or once every two weeks. Low poos are stronger cleansers that don't have sulfates in them, so they're not as drying. They typically have something like cocoamidopropyl betaine or decyl glucosides as the cleansing agent. (BTW, if you're ever wondering about an ingredient, search it in the bar at the upper righthand side of this site.) Transitioning to co-washing might leave your hair greasy, frizzy, and a little weird for a few weeks. Don't be discouraged! It took me about three weeks to get past the really bad stage. During that time, I didn't low-poo, or use baking soda or anything -- I only co-washed. My hair balanced out eventually.

    After co-washing, use a richer, more moisturizing conditioner as a rinse out. Some people use the same conditioner as a rinse-out and a leave-in. There will likely be some trial and error figuring out which conditioners work best for you (I know I'm still trying to figure it out!)

    As for stylers, it's also mostly trial and error. I have 2B/2C hair that is high density, but mostly fine in texture and low porosity (I think). I just scrunch in some gel (LA Looks sports gel or Garnier Fructis Pure Clean gel) over my leave in. Some people like curl creams, or jelly products, or a combination. Again, check out that link above for some ideas!

    Good luck, and welcome!! :blob5:
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    Welcome!! :)

    What flippacious says :)

    Btw, since you have medium/coarse hair, I recommend you don't use proteins in your regular products. However, everyone needs protein in their hair every now and then, even if you're sensitive to protein. So remember to do a protein treatment every once in a while.

    How often you do your routine depends on what you and your hair are comfortable with. The beginning is a major trial and error period, trust me. Oh and I agree with flippacious; I would only co-wash during the first few weeks, no low-poo. That way your hair can get used to no shampoo-method as soon as possible.

    Also, REMEMBER: before you start with this method you need to do a clarifying wash; with a shampoo WITH A SULFATE but without silicones, parafin, etc. This way you can start CG with completely clean hair that will not get a build up.

    This is my routine:

    First, I co-wash. I gently massage my scalp while washing.

    Sometimes I wash with a low-poo instead; to remove hard water build up or when I've applied a lot of oils for a while. But I definitely prefer co-washing because my hair gets dry easily and is practically never greasy.

    Second, I apply Desert Essence Red Raspberry as a RO. I detangle, usually with fingers, sometimes with a wide-tooth comb. I let it sit in my hair for a while, and then I rinse it out.

    Third (though I only do this once a week), I rinse my hair with icy cold chamomile tea. I make sure it's cold to add extra shine to my hair. I don't rinse it out. If I don't use chamomile tea I simply rinse my hair with icy cold water in the sink.

    Fourth, I scrunch leave-in conditioner (either Beauty Without Cruelty or Kinky Curly Knot Today) in my hair.

    Fifth, I seal from my ends to about 10 centimeters up with jojoba oil. This is to keep the moisture from my leave in in and protect my ends (REALLY helps)

    Sixth, I scunch some mousse (The Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll) in my hair (sometimes I skip this step).

    Seventh, I scrunch gel in my hair, usually Kiss My Face Upper Management gel.

    Eighth, I plop for 15-20 minutes.

    Ninth, I let it air dry. You can also blowdry it with a diffuser. If you're interested, search 'pixie method' in the search bar of this website.

    Every night before I go to sleep I massage Jamaican Black Castor oil and Coconut oil into my scalp, and apply it to my ends. This really made my hair grow faster.
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