Devachan - if you could purchase one product

I'd like to try something from the Deva line. Is there one product that you think is most beneficial? (I have 3a hair which tends to be dry)
Low poo cleanser? One conditioner?


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    If you tend to be dry I'd advise you not to try the gel. I tend to be dry too and the gel makes me dryer. It does, however, give me really nice and tight curls. I try not to use it more than once a week.
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    Deva sells a little sample pack of travel sized products. Could you buy that and then choose which full size to get?
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    Just one??aagh! I agree with the previous post...get the travel set, thats how I started. My favorites are the one condition and the set it free...if I had to choose cause I like most of their line.
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    I've only tried the DevaCare One conditioner and wasn't impressed. It made my hair feel a little dry and wasn't very moisturizing.
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    #1 would be Condition one! B'Leave in would be 2nd!

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    Around here, Deva is a love/hate line. Most of us start out with Deva, think we like it and then move on to other things that we like a lot better. My salon carries the Deva products. I used to let them use the NoPoo when I went in for my haircut/highlight. After the ingredients change several years ago, I found it really drying (took several days to get my hair back to normal.)

    I think everyone should try whatever products catch their eye, so would agree with buying the sample pack. That way, you can try the products without wasting a lot of money.
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    I really like the Volumizing Foam. I have tried not liking it so much because of the price, but it gives me great curls. The only down side of it other than the price is that by the end of the day, my hair has wilted a bit and usually has some frizz. Havent figured out how to combat that yet.
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    I have had no luck with any Deva hair products but I will definitely recommend their funky hand-shaped diffuser!
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    I have grown to love the line. If i were you, I would buy the one condition. I have tried the spray gel, foam, low poo, one condition, arc angel, and ultra defining gel. Honestly, I have liked all of them and love the low poo and one condition the most.
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    I LOVE the Heaven In Hair dc!!! Makes my hair feel lush. That would be my one product.

    I also like the DevaCare NoPoo and the DevaCurl One Condition.

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    wow only 1 deva product?? i also fell in love with this line..

    i'd go with Set It's very versatile and i don't know of any other product similar to it
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