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HELP i have really curly hair it 3c and i dont know how to tend to it usually i just wear it in a side braid with no product i was to wear it in two brides with gel but when i turn thirteen i started wearing the side bride but i need help what kind of product should i was and any idea how to wear it! thanks! 422996_481592028542707_1708151079_n.jpg


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    i was going to a party in this picture and that why my hair down and i had hair spray in so thats why it not that puffy as it usually is
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    No worries girl! If you can wear it without product without it looking horrific you are a lucky lady. I had a lot of trouble with my hair and didn't figure out what works for me until I was 20 (23 now). First, buy the book curly girl by Lorraine Massey. Life changing stuff, here. In the book she doesn't recommend blow drying, but I diffuse upside down and my hair has volume and bounce without being flat to my head. I use devacare no poo and conditioner followed by the gel and a light spray of dove hairspray at the end (it turns out hairspray is not as important as I once thought. I can get by without it but I like dove + care). Bottom line is, buy the book and try it out.

    Now that I've found what works for me, I do my hair every 3 days. I don't pineapple, I sleep all over it and move it around all day with my hands and it still lasts.

    I also recommend getting a deep conditioning treatment at a salon (or at home, but read product reviews). It makes it a lot easier to style. It made a huge difference to me and cost $35 for a Paul Mitchell treatment. I bought 2 new things with 5 star reviews from curlmart... We will see if breaking my devacurl routine will work as well, I have high hopes!

    I am the only one in my family with curly hair, I feel like I've tried it all.(3a, fine strands, medium long length, high porosity)
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    thanks! :flower:
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    Omg sooooo pretty!!