2nd day hair after argan oil leave in over night and used curl keeper

LOVE Argan oil it makes my hair silky soft as if it's never been harmed by all of the chemicals I've damaged my hair with in my past !! It makes me feel like I did a big chop without even doing it lol I give props to you lovely ladies that go thru with the big chop. I really want to, I just don't think I can let go of all of my hair ! Still trying to decide if I want to chop the rest off or keep going with it...I just recently cut off 8 inches and couldn't go any shorter than this. Im really feeling like I CAN make my hair less damaged without having to cut it all off. Im in the process of transitioning to no poo and I am using rev up volumizing shampoo until then.


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    you dont need to BC i didnt, though i didnt have much damage, i had died my hair a few times but that was it, n the colours all gone by now. i love argan oil! if its working for you n your happy with your hair then dont cut any more off. maybe in 3 months you want to go for a trim, or 6 months n trim a bit more off. your hair looks really pretty and healthy in your pics.

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