Keratin disaster!!

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Hi Everyone!
So i'm not sure what type of curl I am, but back around 2009 (not sure but before I graduated high school) I did the keratin treatment for I'm not sure how long. It's been YEARS since I stopped and I chopped my hair up to my chin and now my hair is starting to curl back, only my roots and ends that is and the middle of my hair is wavy. What should I do??? I kinda want to cut my hair but the length of the curl in my roots are too short, I'm trying to go all natural, no heat.. nothing. (which is hard)


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    You may want to schedule a consultation with a stylist who specializes in curly hair. Have her or him take off just a little hair at a time until the length is to your liking.

    ... If it were me, I'd have the person cut my hair while it's in its dry state, unless the person cutting your hair curly has A LOT of experience cutting curly, transitioning hair w/an excellent reputation to back themselves.
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    wow i am sorry to hear that! are you growing it out or did it actually change your curl pattern from the roots(i am a little unclear)

    i find it so odd that it has been so long since and your hair is just starting to grow back.

    how do you usually style your hair?

    i would say to try braid/twist outs and rod sets to match the textures and to grow it out over time.
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    My natural curls are starting to grow back, the reason is because my roots are really puffy and my mom would use relaxer to flatten it, I told her not to use that on my hair anymore because I want my hair back., And yeah I read everywhere that it fades within acouple months, yeah that wasn't the story for me ): I usually leave my hair curly for acouple days then I blow dry it, but I'm just trying to manage it now.