stupid foot & ankle rant

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Monday, I went to foot surgeon to have cast cut off, foot examined and then re-casted. This is scheduled for every two weeks for a total of 2 months. On Monday, I was 1/2 way there.

Well, when the nurse cut the cast off, she freaked out. The top of my foot had what looks like callouses and abrasions on it. My entire ankle up to the bottom of my calf was very pale with reddish purple spots "under" the skin. She asked, "does it hurt or itch?" I told her no, it feels really hot. She went to get the doctor. He was seriously concerned. He asked if I had ever had anything like this before. I told him yes, I have dyshydrotic eczema and the two different reactions are typical for me. So he examined my joint where the joint capsule is ruptured and said it was healing very nicely. Then he told me he was afraid putting a cast back on it would do more damage than good. He gave me temporary orthotic inserts to wear in my Keen hiking shoes. He said this would help support and stabilize my foot and that joint. He made me an appointment for Wednesday to have molds made of my feet so custom-made orthotics could be made.

He told me to wear my shoes all the time and treat my foot like it's still broken because it is even though it doesn't have a cast. He said to be conservative and take good care of it and not to wear the compresssion hose or socks so the skin could settle down. He said if it swells, I will have to get off of it and keep it elevated above my heart and he'll take me out of work if he has too. Yes, because I have eczema on my broken foot. Dear lord.

I am worried about it healing properly - the joint, not the eczema. The eczema will take a few weeks to go away once the skin stops freaking out. It's 19 degrees here and I have on a low profile sock so nothing is touching the ankle where the dot situation is. The top of my foot is looking much better, but there's bearly any improvement on my ankle. Ugh.

Why do I have to have so many issues???


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    Oh Golden, I'm sorry. One thing after another. {{{Golden}}}.
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    awww that really sucks. I don't know what to tell you. Hmmm how long did he say until it heals?


    ^does your name go inside the (()) or the word hugs LOL??

    Just put ya leg up and read more on ya kindle.:thumbright:
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    ooops. Fail.