deva stylists in my area :)

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I thought there was only one deva stylist near me and today I was googling and came across the mydevacurl stylists and punched in my area and a whole bunch came up!! I called two of them and they said they are deva trained and cut the curls dry etc..... I feel like a kid in a candy store. I HOPE I can find one that I like now! The one I'm going to now just isn't making me happy. She has never been able to give me the type of curly bangs I have wanted (just shorter around my face type).
And I keep telling her I want to grow it out and what did she do last time, cut 1 1/2 inches OFF!!!! So, now it's back up to my neck. Oh well.... it'll grow out but I need someone new now.

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    I think Michigan has 2 Deva stylists in the whole state. I am glad I got the right one the first time. I highly recommend Melissa from Anthonys Hair Salon.