layers or not?

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So, I've had layers forever and I would like to grow my hair to at least shoulder length. Right now my hair is neck level curly. I was talking to the lady who does my facials and I always see her with straight hair. She said, "my hair is very curly but it's easier for me to just pull it back while I'm working on facials so I straighten it when I'm working." I saw it was all one length and asked her about that and curl formation. She said she has big hair when curly (not frizzy tho)and it's quite curly and does spiril nicely. So I wonder if I can go to one layer?? I'm going to try and post a picture of my hair that was taken many years ago. and a picture of what my hair looks like right now. The picture taken a while ago -- I think was almost all one length but maybe some really long layers but not many of them. I don't recall who was cutting my hair back then.

Me holding the dog is the old picture and the other one was taken just now. OMG -- I HATE having my picture taken!!!! ICK! Just look at the hair LOL

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    I love both lengths on you! But if I had to choose I would choose the 1 layer.

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    I generally think that curls should not be one length because its hard for curls to really have the movement they need when all one length.
    Layers allow the curl to move, bounce and be good. But, there is no steadfast rule for everyone and every persons hair.
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    I wish I had taken more pictures of my hair that day :( Back of head etc... Because I sure can't remember back that far. But looking at it, it does have some layers but they are long. Looks like the shortest layer is nose level and then I can't tell what the rest is doing - looks to be kind of blended?
    I'm going to take that picture in to my deva stylist next time and just tell her I want that look again. Right now I have shorter layers but my hair is much shorter too and I want length now.

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    Let it grow longer then and then trim it until it's all one length. If your hair starts to lose shape and the curls get stringy you can always reshape and put the layers back in. You look good with both shoulder and neck length hair so it's not like there's a big risk. Just play with it. :angel8:
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    It both looks great on you! :) But I think the longer hair looks best :)
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