Newly natural: Joys and Woes

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Hey ladies,

After 11 months of transitioning, I BC'd Aug 2012. It was a while ago but I still see myself as a newbie.

( My Natural Hair Journey So Far - YouTube I've just uploaded a hair journey video )

I'm loving the journey so far but I'm having a few issues....

- My edges are quite thin. I don't use brushes or pull it tight at all, plus I sleep with it protected. I use castor oil and shea butter on the areas but nothing seems to be helping to thicken up the hair.

- I'm a bit boring with styles. I mainly to twist outs (and other such) and then either head band it back or pin it back. I've tried some of the styles on youtube but although my hair is about 7inches long.... it's so coily and hard to stretch out, so basically I only have a few inches to work with lol. (Shrinkage is a witch)

- I keep my ends moisturised as possible, but my ends feel/look a little rough, but only sometimes. I don't want to trim my hair if it's not necessar. I've had one trim so far but even a week after that, my ends looked a bit dodgy. Lol. Other times, they look perfectly fine, even when I haven't done anything particularly different in terms of product/styling etc.


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