help with my fizzy hair plz !!

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hi everyone ..

my hair is 3B HIGH porosity , medium ..i used to dry it all the time and it used to look good after using hair dryer but then i used a relaxer which called soft and beautiful for african hair ( my hair is not african ) so here my problem started my hair becomes so damaged and dry even when i use hair dryer it still bad and it becomes very coarse specially at the ends and my scalp doesn't seem to produce the same amount of oil as it used to it's dry . i used everything oils and things but nothing seem to work my hair used to be at the of my back and i cut almost all of it its been 6 years now and my hair half of my back so its very obvious that the relaxed hair is gone but the the problem is i still didn't get my natural texture back i don't understand why it's changed is there any way to get my natural texture back !!! plz i need ur help
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    Welcome! :)

    Hair texture can change over time. Hormones are usually the cause. Some people get different hair texture during or after puberty, or during or after pregnancy.

    Maybe you'll get (part of) your previous texture back if you'd baby it for a while? Do not use sulfates (in practically every shampoo, so use a low-poo or conditioner instead). And you said you have frizzy hair... you might want to cut down on the glycerin, sorbitol, pathenol, honey and aloe very as well. Those are humectants; when the weather is very dry or humid these ingredients can cause problems. Many of us have not as great hair right now as we're used to, because it's winter.

    Good luck! And if you have any questions left, feel free to ask!
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    thanx i will follow that , hoping it will be fixed soon
    high density
    medium width
    high porosity

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