PLEASE HELP Can My 2c hair change to...nothing?

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Hey :) Ok when I was a very little baby my hair was just like my moms (2c) but since I was little, 5 or 6, my mom took me to the shop and got my hair done (wash, blow dry, hot comb, and flat iron) now I am 17. I want to wear my hair natural but now I don't see any curls at all :( I think I have really bad heat damage because my hair is curly when i wet it but as it drys it get straighter and puffier. Again I believe is really bad heat damage from getting my hair done for 12 or 13 year straight, but my hair dresser told me I do not have heat damage and my hair is not curly but it is not kinky, wavy, or straight. I do not believe that my hair is just puffy with absolutely no pattern of any kind and I do not believe I do not have heat damage after 12 or 13 years of extreme heat. Some one please help me this has caused me much trouble trying to figure this out. I will be happy if my hair if 2c type 3 or type 4. I just want to know. O and this is my what moms (and what mine did as a baby) natural hair looks like. I hope it shows but it is Lisa Wu Hartwell's curly hair if it is not there. Thank you and sorry for the long story :)
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    You probably won't know your true pattern until new hair grows in, if it's truly that damaged. Patience is required.
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    I never post, I just stalk threads, but your hair sounds just like mine! I think I'm more like a 3c or 4a/b (I don't really know because my hair is recovering), but my sister (2 years old) and baby me had loose wavier curls, very similar to that picture. As I got older the curls got tighter but it still had a definite curl pattern. When I was 13 my mom let my occasionally straighten and relax my hair. I stopped relaxing after about 2 year because (omg!) it actually started to get straight and not just looser curls. Then I grew my relaxer out, but keep flat ironing it regularly. Although it got curlier it still didn't look right to me when it was curly. It would look really pretty soaking wet, but dry into a big fizzy mess no matter how much product I put on it. I guess I did the equivalent of a BC (I just wanted something different), but my hair was still not curling right despite the fact that at this point I had not relaxed in years and stopped using heat after my BCish thing (this was still a mixture of pre and post heat hair though). 2 weeks ago I did a protein treatment (I'll try to find the link) and FINALLY my hair is starting to curl up and behave and it feels much nicer. I would recommend looking into the hair properties (particularly porosity). I believe I naturally have high porous hair, but that the side effects of heat, relaxer, and color altered even my new growth to be more porous, which is probably happening to you too. Protein treatments and protein heavy products (SheaMoisture!) will help you regain your curls if that is your problem. A sidenote: the whole put a piece of hair in a cup of water didn't work for me, I just read about porosity and used my common sense)
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    Oh, and like you I always had hairdressers, or just people in general tell me how "healthy" my hair was. I think this is because it is thick, shiny, doesn't have split ends (I trim regularly), and grows fairly fast/ was long (anomalies in my community). I think it was as healthy as it could be given the things I did to it, but not nearly as healthy as it could be.
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    Also growing out damaged 2c hair lost a lot of curl thanks to bleach and just BCd. Already looking healthier. Not using heat and using gentle organic products and cowashing ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1360600761.303799.jpg

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