Native American Question (long)

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I recently got in contact with my grandfather who is Native American. I never really looked much into it, because those relatives were either dead of locations unknown.

I really want to learn more about my family heritage, he's the only person I can learn anything from. All the others of my family have a tendency to "rewrite" their history. And although I barely know him I love him already because he will tell me exactly what it is and what happened (even the upleasant stuff that he did that he's not proud of). He is very proud of his "unbroken" traditions and has expressed his desire to pass it on to me.

I would like to learn more about the history/culture so I don't get so lost during our conversations. And so I dont sound like such an idiot when I talk to him, or offend him (my mom already accidently did). Could anyone recommend any good books or websites, especially about the Lakota (his tribe).

Also I would like to make him something beaded (not sure what yet), I am already familar with the beading techiques, just need some ideas for designs, so pictures of Native American beading would be great. Do they have special colors/designs for each tribe like scottish?

any help would be appreciated.


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    have you read black elk speaks?

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    mayim wrote:
    have you read black elk speaks?


    not yet, i'll check it out thanks.
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    If you know what tribe, you can find a lot of info on the internet. Most tribes have websites and links.

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