help me get back my curls


last year following trends i did a kareting treatment, I enjoyed it for a couple of months, after that my hair was confused, my natural curls where a lot looser but not straight. With the treatment I got shampoo and conditioner to keep the treatment for a longer period (that was the plan) so I keep using it, now my hear is neither curly, wavy or straight, is just messy, has no definition and now I have to blow dry to tame it and try to give it a style. Does anyone have a recommendation on what to do to get my curls back?

Please help


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    Jeez somebody else with a head full of braids told me the same thing the other day. It's past the two month mark and her hair is out of control. Which shampoo/conditioner are you using and how are you styling it? Are you using the awapuhi line by Paul Mitchell? That's supposed to assist in preserving and containing when you're transitioning. I don't know if that's true because they'll market anything to anyone but I'd look into it just in case. Especially the styling products since you say your hair is so undefined right now.
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