Pintura at Devachan- which stylist?

AngieNYCAngieNYC Posts: 32Registered Users
Hello everyone- has anyone here had Pintura done on black hair at Devachan? If so, which stylist did you use and do you have pics?

I had a light pintura done as a hair model and now I want something a little more dramatic to create definition- like some auburn/reddish tones, but I'm not sure who to go to. I was thinking maybe Analis or Vida?

Any info and/or pictures is appreciated.

Thank you! :-)

--> Fine, thin, shoulder length 3B Corkscrews -I think! (became more Botticelli while following CG the first time in 2008...but this time around they are back to normal)
--> Using Deva NoPoo & Angell, with either One Condition or Suave Coconut Conditioner since I like how it weighs down & stretches my curls more.

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