Fine/Thin hair Help!

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I am new on here. I have always had fine and thin very curly hair. As I got older (30 years old next month) my hair has gotten a little thinner. I guess I never really noticed how much you can see my scalp until recent. It looks as if I am balding. Everytime I think about it, I want to cry. What can I do? I love my hair curly but it shows less scalp when my hair is straight. I do not want to straighten it all the time because my hair is the healthiest it has been in 10 years and I love the way my curls look (despite the "balding" look. What can I do to change this. Rogain? Volume shampoo/conditioner? Help!!!! I really don't know what to do at this point.


  • Wurly_GirlWurly_Girl Registered Users Posts: 41
    I have thin hair too so i can feel your sadness :(
    Did you check your iron and thyroid hormones levels?
    Maybe the thinning is due to this.
    Curl Pattern: 2c-3a
    Porosity: medium
    Density: thin
    Width: fine
    Lenght: short (jaw-lenght)
    2013 haircut: 1/25/2013; 07/04/2013

    Routine: modified CG
    CW: cone free and protein free conditioners
    DT: homemade sheabutter hair creme /Hydraderm sheabutter hair mask+coconut oil+lecitin
    Styling before diffusing FSG with hydrolized keratin
    Once a month (or every 2 months): henna
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    If your hair is black, then do try a US company, Vadik Herbs Bhringraj Ayurvedic Herbal hair Oil. You can find it on Amazon. It is a great hair stimulant and had amazing effect on my thinning hair. After some 3 months of use, my hair is bouncy & thick. It is good even for colored or chemical treated hair. The best part is the oil is free of any chemical and has no mineral oil. I will suggest you do give it a shot, provided again if you have black hair like mine. Put it before going to bed 3 times/week. Wash in the morning with a good herbal shampoo. Be patient and regular, give it 3-4 months, it should work. Even if it does not help, no worries. Being herbal it has no side-effects.

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