Anyone have thyroid issues?

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I have had thyroid issues and found out that I'm mostly hypothyroid which can cause hair thinning. I"m actually hashimotos which swings both to hypo and hyper. I'm now on thyroid medication and I have noticed that I'm losing less hair in the shower now. But does that mean I will get growth back?? Will my hair go thicker again?

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    I have Hashimotos too. I have had problems with shedding off and on but I also have issues with anemia and low DHEA which also cause hairloss. I will say that the first time it happened I was so freaked but I didn't know what was going on. My hair did get thicker again after I got my levels corrected. But then it started again, seems to be calming down again now.

    I have also started using Doterra essential oils and I was shocked when I had my blood work done recently and my naturopath reduced my thyroid medication. I am on naturethroid which is a natural thyroid medication. I am interested to see what happens and I am going to be even more consistent with using the oils.

    I really think it is different in everyone and my gut feeling for me is that when my ferritin levels get low my hair starts shedding more.

    I started using the Shea Moisture hair thickening growth milk to see if my shedding slows more. I have noticed that my hair feels thicker but I just started using it so the jury is still out on that too.
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    Sadly, you will probably never get your former hair back completely - I know this because I used to have think, medium textured, curly hair. My thyroid conked out in 2002 and the first thing I noticed was the thinning hair (the fatigue and weight gain I attributed to post 9/11 stress). For the last eleven years, I have been coping with someone else's not so awesome hair. I have tried thickeners, volumizers, and all kinds of techniques to restore the body, bounce and volume that I took for granted and spent time beating into submission when I was younger. Drinking Mona Vie juice did help, but it is expensive, even though it is so very good for you. Then I found Pantene Age Defy and my hair is reverting back - and I have only been using the spray treatment every day, and the deep conditioning mask once a week. There are a shampoo and conditioner, but I use WEN and then follow that up with a nickel sized drop of L'Oreal EverSleek conditioner, but in about three weeks of using the stuff, my hair is thicker, has more body, and the natural curl and bounce have begun to return.
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    Hi, I have thyroid complaint for the last four years and it has not been corrected. My hair has become thin very little growth and shedding on the top part of the scalp. Can you offer advice on treatment?

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