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Hello everyone! So I'm a new user and unfortanately my first post has to be of a negative review. Although the review is of a bad experience I do think it is important for others who do research on certain companies to know what to expect in terms of customer service. So this is my honest first- hand experience with the company Cream & Coco.

First of all, I want to say that I have no negative reviews specifically about the products, this review is simply about the service I received.

My first time purchasing from Cream & Coco I went to the market where the owner, Victoria, sets up her stand to sell her products. I bought a little over $40.00 worth of product- I loved it and I was really excited about starting a new line. Although at first it was all smiles, my experience with this line quickly turned negative. A few months after my purchase I decided to order some Christmas gifts for people during the black friday and ciber monday sale. So I ordered these products online because Victoria was not set up at the flea market for a period of time...So after a couple of weeks of ordering my products I waited and waited and waited and nothing. So I was like ok I understand she's probably busy but let me just make sure these products will be here by Christmas. Well I contacted her and she responded that they would be. So I kept waiting and this period of time lasted for probably a couple weeks. So all of a sudden Victoria contacts me and says I will be coming in town to visit the store where you work and I can just bring your products to there when I come(she lives less than an hour away from me) so I was like ok I guess... even though I payed you for shipping... but whatever. So I plan to meet her at the store I work at and she doesn't show up the day she says she will. So I'm like ok... then the next day she doesn't apologize or anything but just says oh i'll be there tomorrow at 11:00. So i'm like ok, and I show up at my store and of course she's not there. So I wait, and wait, and wait. I ended up waiting for her for over two hours and she shows up not really sorry for being late at all, but hold, on that's not even the worst part. She shows up lacking half of my order!!! So i'm like what is this? You left out the other half of my order and she responds that she didn't see the other half- she is not apologetic and simply says "oh i'll mail it to you." First of all, I called you personally and ordered the other half of my order over the phone so I know you knew about it!!! And at this point I am feeling as though I definetly don't want to count on her mailing it to me because I am on a time schedule and God knows when it will get to me if I do that so I just say,, "no, how about we go to the market right now and I get the rest of what I ordered." So she agrees and we go to the market. She hands me a bag of soaps- no wrapping, no labels, no nothing. These soaps were gifts and she knew that. I don't know why I would hand someone a bar of soap with no label on it. She then told me that she didn't have some of the soap that I ordered and that I needed to choose a different flavor. How are you telling me that I paid you for something weeks ago that now I can't have? Oh and she did not have another one of my soaps so she would need to mail that to me. So that just added to my frustration. She had the most uncaring attitude as if this was not horrible customer service and as if she really didn't care. So even after this event when most would have run for the hills, I tried to look past it. That is until I experienced another diappointing example of customer service from her.

So one of the products I ordered from her as a gift had something wrong with it that appeared very shortly after me buying it. I won't even say what it is because that would really put a dent in business. So I immediatly texted her and she responds "oh I don't know how that could have happened, I'll send another one right out!" as in the next day. Now let me remind you all, she lives less than an hour away from me. So I wait, and wait, and wait. It has been almost three weeks and the product is still not here. So by this time I'm pissed and I email her explaining how upset I am over the customer service that I have received from her and that I am very disappointed that not only have I gone out of my way to continue to use her line but that I have been cheated out of my money- I have ordered products from you online which are way more expensive than they are at the market (ridiculous), I have payed you shipping yet I have spent my gas money coming to you to pick up my products after waiting over two hours for you at the store where I work. And she responded that she is surprised that I consider this bad customer service and that her bringing my products with her to town was a service to me. First of all my order was already extremely late and when you finally did arrive with it you were lacking half it when I gave you the order personally over the phone so yes I do consider it bad customer service. Plus you were already coming to the shop where I work anyway, bringing a plastic baggie of products to the store that you were already going to is nothing to me, especially when you show up almost three hours late while saying you're on your way. I also felt as though as a result of this customer service, I should receive something in exchange- a sample, a soap or something! and her response was "if you wanted a soap you should have asked for one." What??? I'm sorry I though you were a businesswoman. I would think that if you screw a customer over you would want to make it right because you care about your business and you care about your customer but my mistake. So after all of this y'all there was no real apology, no sincerity, no caring whatsoever. She really did not care to lose me as a customer. I have spent over $100.00 at cream & coco but not another dime. I have really tried to like her and her products but I will not allow someone to steal from me and mistreat me as a customer. And if you were wondering no I was never refunded for the shipping that I paid. When I got my new product in exchange for the one that had an issue...after about a month of waiting, it was a product thrown in a bag, that's it. I am sorry but I find this type of service unacceptable, and I'm all about supporting small businesses but not like this.

So in conclusion, I am not doing this review for revenge or anthing like that I simply feel as though people deserve to know what to expect when they order from a company. And I also believe that any business should have both positive and negative feedback depending on what they put out there. So I am not telling anyone to buy or not to buy Victoria's products, but I am letting you know my personal experience and you are free to make your own choice of where you want to spend your money. So all in all, I hope you all found this review somewhat insightful and I welcome your feedback as well. Thanks!
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    Hmm I'm starting to think she's Bi-Polar! Not nearly surprised! Her business tactics are atrocious plus she's a liar. Check the Cream & Coco thread in the 4a section. I too have had a baffling customer service run in w/ her and i'm STILL going through it. And NO she doesn't apologize for anything...she labels herself a mixtress, she's exactly right...a mixtress @ stirring up bad karma for her name and brand. Officially getting my Cream & CoCo OFF!!!
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    Yes she just doesn't care. And now that she knows what people are saying about her she's all like "i appreciate your business!" and "I hope you don't take my town as arrogant" I'm like u don't appreciate my business u appreciate $$$. Because before the thread I created on curlynikki she responded to my emails as if she didn't care and never said things like she appreciated my business. whatever. u appreciate it now that it's going and people r filing disputes...
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    Hey, there's already a thread on here. But the more the merrier lol!