A few questions before transitioning

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Hello! I am thinking about transitioning, but before I do, there are some things I've been wondering.

I've been getting relaxers since I was about ten (I am now 16). I don't remember what my natural hair looks like. However, when I wash my hair then let it air dry, it comes out fairly similar to the 3b picture on this site. (I'll attach it just in case you don't know what it looks like). That being said, can you estimate what my natural hair type might be? I figured maybe it's 3c or something, but I really don't know much about this.

I also would like to know if I decide to transition, what should I do with my hair? I know about protective styles and everything, but what would be the best option for my hair type? I really like wearing my hair down and would like to be able to do so for as long as I can before resorting to twists or weaves. So, about how long will it take before my hair starts to seriously break off? I currently get relaxers about once every three months, if that makes a difference with anything.

Thank you very much in advance for your input!


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    I can only say that for me, relaxers didn't hold my hair well. It never stayed straight after the first wash... and it was like -ish frizzy waves (on a good day), if not a terrible puff ball (without my brushing it).

    Actually, now that I think about it, because the relaxer was not very straightening, around the 3rd year transitioning, my hair was a 3b-ish pattern. Upon growing it ish completely out, it was basically 3c ringlets. And no, you can't predict your pattern usually until you have a least a few inches of growth. I have a lot of hair, and keep on growing more layers (it's weird like that), so my entire bottom layer while I was transitioning was 3c ringlets... which is how I knew it would end up...

    And I wore my hair in pony tails, down, in braids, etc. Just be kind to the new hair that's growing in (I wasn't). Try to figure out what your hair likes, doesn't like, etc, and change that accordingly. You can wear anything you want to, just be mindful of what your hair likes and can handle.

    Too much styling can damage the hair (like, consistent use of braids, and styles that pull the hair from your scalp), especially if it's not well-moisturized.

    Which brings me to my next piece of advice:

    Make sure to moisturize! Leave-ins will probably become your best friends. Granted, I hadn't really gone cone-free then, so my hair was kind of limp and very unhappy at me (It much prefers a CG/mod-CG regimen with no cones..)

    Also, I thought this was fairly obvious, but transitioning does require you stop getting relaxers... Your hair will also be extremely try in that state (most likely), so definitely do a deep treatment (DT) ASAP.
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    You cant actually tell your hair type until you get rid of the relaxed ends so you wont know for a while if you are just starting to transition. Also, if you are transitioning hoping or assuming you will end up with 3c curls you might end up disapointed. I've read a lot on her where people transition or BC with no idea what their natural hair looks like and assumed they'd have cute perfect curls and end up being a 4b or something and not happy about it. So if you are going to go natural I'd say don't have any expectations this early on. Good luck though!

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