Hair breakage or new growth?

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This is my very first post so bear with me lol. I'm not exactly a curly head I'm more of a wavy head. My hair is between 2b and 2c and about 27 in long. I've been hennaing and indigoing it since oct and it's nice, black and very shiny. What drove me to do henna and to find this forum was that a noticed a lot of little hairs on my crown that looked like they had been electrocuted kind of like zig zag shaped. I thought that they were broken hairs so i cut them off and then there's more. I'm not sure if they're the same ones or different ones or new growth if they're broken hairs or if that's just how they're shaped. A little bit of my background. My mothers side has fine or medium wavy hair and my dads side they all have fros. Is it possible that these are not broken hairs and just different type of hairs? When i do the curly girl method and wear my hair natural i don't see them but when i wash with a non sulfate shampoo and blow dry i see them.. Also i noticed that theres weirdly shaped shorter hair all over when i blowdry..Please help.

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