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Biggest regret

DEEVSDEEVS Posts: 13Registered Users
Hey all,

I am writing this for all those who might be considering a keratin treatment or brazilian blowout. I had a BB zero 4 months ago and my hair is stringy, frizzy and falling out!! I am missing around 30% of my hair and my natural texture has not returned. It continues to fall out at obscene amounts. I seriously, seriously regret doing this to myself.

There are many here who have had a great experience, so I know this isn't typical.

I suggest you embrace the hair on your head, cause there is nothing worse than watching your hair fall.


  • KorkscrewKorkscrew Posts: 1,834Registered Users
    I seriously consider what you just wrote a valuable public service.

    Not that I'm against people doing whatever the fudge they want to do w/their hair, but I think a lot of people only hear - or only focus on - the possible benefits of chemical treatments.

    That said, I really am sorry for the damage to your hair! It sounds like you're really going through a frustrating time. I had some damage to my hair too recently (from box dye, wouldn't ya know) and it's not a great feeling at all. I know you already know this, but just a reminder: your hair will grow back before you know it. Now's the time to pamper it and trim out the damaged parts as your new growth comes in.

    If you can tolerate it, try protein treatments too. Maybe you're already know about all these options. Just mentioned it in case you didn't :) All the best and please hang in there!
  • BruchildaBruchilda Posts: 126Registered Users
    hey DEEVS

    Those side effects you mentioned are linked to formaldehyde solutions. BB ZERO is supposed to be f/hyde free

    Are you sure that you applied the "zero" formula in you hair?

    I am sorry for what happened to your hair:cry:

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