White girl growing out with a weave

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Ok, long story short I had beautiful waist length 2C/3A/3B hair. I decided to dye it purple, and since my naturally dark brown hair was dyed black it required bleaching :S I found out after the fact that, due to health conditions, I can't use bleach. My doctor told me the only way to help me health was to cut off as much of my hair as possible, so that the chemicals were no longer in contact with my skin. I chopped my hair to chin length in October, and it has since grown to collarbone length. However it has gotten a lot straighter since I cut it and is only now beginning to curl normally again. Since I miss my long curly hair so much, I decided after some research to get a weave. I purchased Classy signature virgin maylsian remy hair in Spanish wave 22-24" 1B. Now my questions are how can I best care for my hair while I have my (partial) sew in? And has anyone used classy signature before? How can I care for my hair underneath? How can I keep my extensions in good condition? What do I need to do to my hair and my extensions before getting them sewn in? Any tips or things I need to remember? Also I can only find tips for African hair, and while my hair has a very similar properties to mixed hair, it has fine/thin issues and oiling my hair daily simply won't work. I already cowash every 2 or 3 days and I only use Vo5 as a leave in/product unless I straighten my hair. So, um, yeah. Any tips, trick, questions that y'all can answer would be wonderful :) :thumbup:


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    Unless you bought wet and wavy or wet to curl hair i don't recommend co washing your extensions because it can make the hair VERY tangly. Also, whoever is doing your hair probably already knows but you should make sure they braid they hair underneath using synthetic braiding hair (like kanekalon) so that it has a better grip and the extensions wont slip as much. I personally don't do anything to my hair underneath when i wear a weave and i have 4a hair; No oiling or greasing or anything and my hair grows just fine with no breakage or anything like that.
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    Thanks for the advice :sunny: any advice on how to wash? Do I just wash my scalp/braids, but not the hair? And what should I wash with if co washing isn't a good idea? Ugh so many questions! Help!
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    Washing/Co washing really depends on the kind of hair you bought. I normally don't do anything to the hair braided under the weave just wash and take care of the hair you left out.

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