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I just wanted to share with everybody how much I love these products. I've only bought the foundation, setting powder, and mascara, but I love all three - they are my HG products. I've also tried the eyes shadow and blush, but haven't bought any of these yet. When I did try the eyeshadows I was very impressed by how long they lasted.

I've tried so many foundations, and they ALL break me out except for Prescriptive's Virtual Skin. It is extremely light weight and looks very natural. People actually comment on my beautiful skin now! The first time somebody said this to me I was so shocked!! They actually used the word "flawless" -- I was like "me?".

Since I've used the foundation, I don't even really use a powder afterwards. I apply the foundation, then color (eye shadow, blush, etc), and then dust with their Loose Magic Powder. It's kind of a setting powder. It looks shimmery in the container, but it doesn't make you sparkly, it just reflects the light and gives you a nice glow!

I also love their False Eyelashes Mascara! Gives me nice long eyelashes without looking too fake, despite the name!

I know this is long, but I just wanted to give a recommendation for my favorite products. If your skin is super sensitive like mine, you may want to give them a try. They are a little pricey, but they last me FOREVER. I only buy the foundation and powder about twice a year.
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    Prescriptives has a great way to colorprint you to find the correct foundation. Also, some of the Prescriptive's counter will blend a foundation specifically for your skin color. It does cost more than their regular foundation. I've never had it done because I'm so happy with my real vanilla!
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    Do you know a good source for this line online? I like it too, but it's a pain to go to the dept store with the kids. Ugh.

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    I always run to Dillards...I guess you could try the Dillard's website.
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  • cyndicyndi Registered Users Posts: 3,341
    Yes, you can order prescriptives at
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    Definitely a rave for their custom color foundation. I used to purchase their custom color foundation where a makeup artist developed your own unique foundation for you. It was the best. Very beautiful. It was a bit pricey, but, definitely worth it. Now, I don't wear foundation any more. But, if you are a person that has difficulty in getting a real good color match, the custom foundation would be a wonderful option. :P
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    prescriptives is online at and one of the TV shopping networks also sells it, but i can't remember which one.
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    :lol: LOVE the virtual skin!!!! I hate foundation and have tried so many that I almost gave up. The reviews on MUA were awesome so I decided to give it a shot and I'm so glad I did. It looks like your skin only BETTER!!! LOVE LOVE IT!!!! :D
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    I heart Prescriptives, too!

    I love the fact that once you've gotten your color group, you can pretty much get any blush, lipstick, or eyeshadow in that group, and it will look good on you. also sells their makeup, and when you register, you get free shipping on your first order. Nice!

    I like too--they ship amazingly fast! I ordered something from them on Saturday night around 9:00, and it was here on Tuesday before noon, with just standard shipping. Also, when you look at the colors on both websites, the colors on seemed to be more true to what the actual color is.
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