Can somebody Help mee?

I wonder what curl type I have. My hair has volume and certain curls are very defined like almost in an S shape. The front isn't has much curly its more like wavy. Anyways here's some pics. The first one is Wet, the second one is second day hair, and the third is my hair completely.


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    hi! i'd say you're in the Type 2 category of curl pattern. check it out >>> NaturallyCurly · HairTypes maybe 2b or 2c? it's also common to get a combination of several different types of curl patterns.

    also, another thing to think about is that there's a lot more info about our hair than just curl pattern. Porosity, hair density, length, etc are all things that will also help you figure out how to style your hair and what products you should use >> Curly Hair Tips, Styles & Products - NaturallyCurly
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