Too Much Hair Falling Out

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Before I started the curly girl method this past week it was pretty common for me to lose a lot of hair on a daily basis. If I skipped a wash I would lose even more in the wash. I was putting my hair up a lot. Mostly because it looked so bad if i left it down. The frizz was terrible and the length was driving me nuts. so i know putting it up was breaking more hair than anything.

when i started the curly girl method this past weekend i noticed that it worked great. BUT my hair is so thin and with all my hair in the correct ringlets it was leaving my head of hair thin and limp. the curl falls out quickly. My first thought is that the product i've chosen to start with is too heavy [Fructise Pure]. i will move on to something lighter like tressamme naturals next i think. [please give me a recommendation if you think something would work better] I'm also thinking that the Fructise Pure Gel i bought may be too heavy as well. Would a mouse work better? perhaps be lighter on my head?

Are there any products that you would recommend to hold my curl. they tend to get weighed down and flat very easily.

I'm between a 2c and a 3a. you can easily see my scalp and my hair has an extremely low porosity, like i did the test where you put a strand of hair on water and see if it sinks. it never sank. i haven't dyed my hair in a decade. so i know it's healthy just thin.

if i wash my hair with sulfates and it gets big and frizzy it's so much fuller but i hate how it looks since the ringlets are all frayed and ugly.

i'm also wondering if maybe my process is lacking something. perhaps i need to shake it out more in the shower and remove more water before plopping? maybe shake out the ringlets so they make more rings instead of a few BIG ones. Which is what it tends to do on its own.

any help is GREATLY appreciated :):blob3:


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    yes i understand all that and as i've been reading this forum i've decided to start taking some iron pills in case i may be need it.

    i'm more interested to know if there's any recommendations of products to use for thin hair so as not to weigh it down anymore.

    i'm going to get a cut this weekend and i'm hoping that helps too. it's past the middle of my back and i think that it's much too long to hold a curl very well.
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    I don't have thin hair, but my hair is easily weighed down because it has a weak curl pattern. I was using the Garnier Fructise Pure Clean Foritfying conditioner too, and omg did it weigh be down. I think you are right to step away from that product. It is also incredibly emollient-heavy, which I think means it could overcondition your hair easily, which could also leave it looking a little limp. I have not tried Tresemme Naturals yet, but I want to! (I just decided/discovered two days ago that the GF condish was weighing me down, haven't had a chance to buy anything else yet). In the meantime, I have been using Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine as a rinse-out and a leave-in. It is very light, and it gave me much more volume and curl than the GF pure clean. I am not sure it is moisturizing enough for me, but if you have any Suave Naturals already you could give it a shot.

    I also use the GF pure clean gel, and I agree that it too is a little heavy. How much have you been using? I have dense hair that is just shy of shoulder-length, and I discovered that I need very, very little of that gel in order to get good hold. I use about a nickel size for each side of my head, and then a dime for the back of my head. You could try scaling back the amount and see if that helps.

    As for additional conditioner recommendations, I’m a newbie so I'm not much help. I just discovered this thread though: It's old (2006), so definitely check ingredients before you make any purchases, as the products could have changed. BUT this is such a great list of a ton of conditioners out there, and you can search through for conditioners that are more lightweight.

    Lastly, a mousse might be a good idea to try, at the very least! I experimented with one, and it did really boost the overall volume of my hair. It was the Pantene Curly Hair Series Curl Defining Mousse. (link: Pantene Curly Hair Series Curl Defining Mousse - It really, really gave me a lot of volume and some pretty decent curl definition with little frizz. My only issue is it has a polyquat in it, and that caused buildup for me. I didn't find the mousse to be drying, though, so that's good.
    2b/c, high density
    fine, medium porosity, normal elasticity
    loves protein, hates polyquats
    still searching for HGs
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    Yes i think switching over is a good idea now. i have a friend with much thicker hair and in desperate need of more moisture so i think i will pass it on to her. she's trying the tressamme right now and i wonder if it won't be too light for her.

    last night in the wash i noticed that i needed to use a LOT of conditioner to get it to detangle. which is odd because it didn't feel that way before. so i wonder if it's because i pre-rinsed with hot water or if it's because the consistency is too thick.

    I shook my hair out more immediately after the shower and before i put in the gel. i only use about a nickel size amount of the gel in my hair. but it may just be too heavy for my hair. but shaking it out more does seem to have helped with the volume of my curls. there are way more of them this time around! :D

    once i cut the length i'll really know whether or not it's the weight of my hair or the product making it fall flat. I think i'll try out that mousse you mentioned. :D thanks for the tips!

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