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My hair won't hold curls anymore :(

sherryberrysherryberry Posts: 16Registered Users

Im so sad... since having a baby my hair won't hold its curl anymore!

I recently have been using KCCC and it makes my hair awesome, love the curls I get with it. The problem is, its soft so I lose the curls by half day :( Or if I touch it at all, it gets frizzy. I like touching my curls so its always frizzy and ends up in a pony tail by end day! I dont know why but my hair just ends up kinda straight/wavy and fuzzy by night time.

I like super hold but not to the point that it looks like my hair is still wet when it is dry... any suggestions on what to do? I use shampoo each day because well, I get itchy scalp if I dont wash it. I tried the cg method a few years ago and I just liked how my hair was with washing daily. :\ I use H&S shampoo and suave coconut conditioner and I add argan oil after shower and plop for 10-15 minutes while I do my makeup and then I do kccc and diffuse.

This is a before at beginning of the day and after at the end :\


  • sherryberrysherryberry Posts: 16Registered Users
    Any help for me? :\
  • HootenannyHootenanny Posts: 300Registered Users
    It sounds like you might need to add a gel to your KCCC; some people find that it simply doesn't have enough hold on its own. I'd recommend getting some Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee or some LA Looks Sports gel and mixing it in your palm with the KCCC, then applying. Also, are you making sure not to scrunch out your hair while it is drying? For many folks, touching the hair at all while it is drying will make the curls disperse and thus cause significant frizz. Finally, you could try doing a deep-conditioning treatment and see if this helps to revitalize your curls. I don't have any recommendations for this, but if you search around the forum I'm sure you'll find many suggestions for both store-bought and homemade deep treatments!
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    :cat: Trying out steaming! :cat:
  • sherryberrysherryberry Posts: 16Registered Users
    Thanks I will give that a try to use them together !
  • kaj1212kaj1212 Posts: 98Registered Users
    Love kccc too! But i have to use a gel with it. I apply KCCC to Soaking wet hair. Then Devacurl arc angel gel....scrunch with my hands. Plop for 5 mins.
    Diffuse....bouncy springy curls. That hold. i do want to try it with LA Looks gel, since it's cheaper.

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  • sherryberrysherryberry Posts: 16Registered Users
    I didn't have any gel on hand, I guess I purged my excess a little too soon lol... but I just ordered the arc angel yesterday and get it tomorrow. Hopefully they work together good! Im glad to hear thats what works for you!!
  • anonymous_133347anonymous_133347 Posts: 1,426Registered Users
    kaj1212 wrote: »
    Love kccc too! But i have to use a gel with it. I apply KCCC to Soaking wet hair. Then Devacurl arc angel gel....scrunch with my hands. Plop for 5 mins.
    Diffuse....bouncy springy curls. That hold. i do want to try it with LA Looks gel, since it's cheaper.

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    I have never used KCCC with anything else but I agree it's a softer hold.

    I agree about trying a harder hold gel. Devacurl ultra defining gel (which I hear is a lot like arc angel) gives me very tight curls. 3B curls. Unfortunately it also makes my hair feel (not look) rather dry and stiff. Either because of the glycerine content or maybe because my hair is not so keen on protein. I don't know. So right now I'm saving it for when (if ever) the dew points get higher.

    Anyways, Sherryberry, have you tried a protein treatment? I keep reading that when people's hair loses its curl a PT perks it right back up and promotes elasticity. Even if your hair doesn't react kindly to protein normally (and I don't know your properties) it could be that the hormones that come with having a baby has altered your hair's properties, and maybe now you need protein. Does your hair feel soft or mushy? Overconditioning can lead to less definition. Does it feel especially dry and strawlike? Because if so you might need a deep treatment and more condition. Funnily enough, less defined or poofy curls are sometimes in need of moisture.

    I've seen women have babies and go from curly to straight and vice versa but for most it doesn't seem permanent. I don't think your hair's overall structure has changed because it still looks so curly at the start of the day. The fact that it still can do that for any length of time is a good sign in my book. So yes, it might be a matter of more hold.

    Congratulations on your new baby, by the way! :occasion5:
    3A - C, HP, ME, HD. (Coarse, High Porosity, Medium Elasticity, High Density.)

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    Sealers: Jojoba* or Grapeseed* oil

    * = HG

  • sammyanthasammyantha Posts: 77Registered Users
    If you had your baby not long ago your curls may come back, your hormones are still trying to make your body good if you like, so sometimes women find that for a while they have super soft hair, strong growing nails when they had been weak and breaking before etc. Hope may not be lost :)

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