Holy Shizz--My CG Anniversary!

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I've been (mostly) CG for a year! Just wanted to thank Gretchen and Michelle for their wonderful site, and the rest of you guys for your great advice :D


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    Congrats on your CG anni! I am just starting out and have already seen marked improvements in curl quantity and clumping etc...2 weeks and counting. I am so happy that I found this site!!! I have told all of my fellow curlies that just need the extra shove to au naturelle about NCC. Thanks to all the Veteran CGs out there for their great advice. Keep it coming guys! :D
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    Happy Anniversary!
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    Time does fly! Congrats! 8)
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    Happy Anniversary! Time flys when you're moisturized!! :D
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    Congratulations, it'll be two years for me in May....I've learned so much and yet more to come......My hair has never looked better...
    three a. :sleepy4:I have always been a curly girl who always wanted straight hair till my old hairdresser convinced me to go curly. I have been styling my hair for about three years and my hair keeps getting better and better. I have a variety of routines but have cut down on experimenting products and found a good stylist who cuts my hair (although he cuts it wet, its hard to find one where I live, but I am happy with him).
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    SmallFry wrote:
    Happy Anniversary! Time flys when you're moisturized!! :D


    Happy anniversary! :)
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    Happy curl-versery!
    3B with some 3a. Fell off but am now back on the CG bandwagon and looking for my HG products.