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franelpanafranelpana Posts: 15Registered Users
this is me63797_4604495947211_289597184_n.jpg about 2 months ago, the front of my hair reaches a little below my chin now and touches my shoulders (which is annoying because it makes it shrink even more)
Lately it just hasn't been looking good, i don't know how to style it, i wear it parted like this but like i said, it hasn't been looking good recently.

I use the cg method and i co-wash my hair once or twice a week with suave naturals conditioner and use that same conditioner as a leave in every day


  • PRINCETONPRINCETON Posts: 872Registered Users
    I can relate because as my hair grows longer it just appears to be getting shorter because of the curls.

    I can stretch my hair down to touch the belly button on my stomach but when it dries with curls it shrinks back up to my shoulders.

    I guess it's a good sign of healthy curls but it does seem awkward that it does that LOLx
  • franelpanafranelpana Posts: 15Registered Users
    Yeah i thought i was done with awkward stages and now my hair shrinks in the back because of my shoulders, it's kind of annoying but i guess when it gets longer it wont be touching my shoulders
  • KorkscrewKorkscrew Posts: 1,834Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Correct. If you keep growing your hair out, the curl will eventually elongate. It will just take some patience if that's the look you want. I'm tempted to ask: Pinoy? (LOL, not looking for an answer to that, just wondering out loud.)
  • PRINCETONPRINCETON Posts: 872Registered Users
    I am Pino lol #TeamPinoy
  • KorkscrewKorkscrew Posts: 1,834Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I was actually addressing the OP because he looks like some Filipino people I've seen ;) Princeton, I couldn't really tell with you, perhaps because your icon pic is so small.
  • franelpanafranelpana Posts: 15Registered Users
    No, im actually from venezuela, but all of my grandparents are from portugal.
  • KinkyKhamiKinkyKhami Posts: 62Registered Users
    This man here is my husband. I would say that he has like a 3c 4a texture. I know it doesn't look that way cuz he likes to wear his hair out and fro-like rather than curly. Any tips on how he should put his hair up @ night? He usually just puts it up in a high ponytail/ bun and just go to sleep. When he wakes in the AM he combs out his hair mainly in the front and back and totally forgets about the middle and now the middle has broken off a good deal. Any suggestions on hair care products HE should use cuz he's been at the mercy of my curly hair products?
  • PRINCETONPRINCETON Posts: 872Registered Users
    He's at that awkward length where you can't really style it at this length so you can braid it down for a couple months so it grows out longer or cut it a little just to style it.

    He needs to keep his scalp moisturized near the crown area. Not sure what's causing his breakage but it could be thinning on the scalp due to genetics not necessary breaking mid shaft.
  • rajendranrajendran Posts: 3Registered Users
    There are some hair styling products are available in the market among those Instyler rotating iron was considered as best. It gives you 3 functionality in a single product. Using that single tool you can do some latest style on your hair.

    For more details on Instyler
  • KorkscrewKorkscrew Posts: 1,834Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    LOL sorry but that thing you're trying to sell isn't very curl-friendly. Also, my confidence falls when reading an ad with lazy spelling.

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