Update: Beer Rinses? Yes!!

Update: Wow! I'm so surprised that I like the beer rinse results as much as I do. :thumbright: I have fun experimenting with my hair anyway, but I actually liked this enough that I'm thinking of putting it into my rotation of stylers of all things -- IF it plays well with other products in my rotation and the results stay as good as this first time.

My hair does NOT smell like beer (Seriously, I asked other people to be sure)
It left a light "gel" cast on my hair that was very easy and quick to SOTC
There's no sticky, product-y feel, and my hair is shiny!
My biggest surprise is that I had next to no frizz even though this was the only styler I used.

I want to find out a little more about what's in beer that's good for hair (Women have been putting it in their hair for a lllllong time apparently) Will be doing some searches for other people's beer rinse recipes tonight.

Initial post: I've been researching beer rinses as a way to boost hair fullness and shine and to act as a curl definer. The only thing that gives me pause is my hair's protein sensitivity and the effect at the hops in beer might have on it.

Through much experimentation, I've found that some protein products are actually fine on my hair (CJ Repair Me! is awesome!!!), while others really screw it up. Hopefully a beer rinse would do all the good stuff some people report and nothing bad.

Anyway, I'm game to give it a try this weekend. I'll post my results for the benefit of anyone else who's thinking of trying a beer rinse.

(Of course if there's anyone out there who is protein-sensitive and has tried beer rinses to a bad end, please do share that before I take the plunge!:laughing6:)
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