Why is my hair so bipolar?

Ok, so I have weird 3a/2b hennaed hair. I have damaged it with heat in the past, but I rarely use heat anymore. It's very soft and healthy. But it's bipolar!!! Sometimes it looks wonderful, like this: ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1358455828.472035.jpg
(this one was without henna, obviously),

but usually it looks boring, like this:
(this is hennaed. It's actually me today)...

Do you think the henna has loosened my curls? I've heard it did that, but I didn't believe it. I always do my hair the exact same way. Why does it look great once in a while and gross the rest of the time? I use curls rock curling amplifier, shampoo, and conditioner.

2c/3a fluctuating hair

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    I'm not sure about the henna but everyone's hair is like that! No one wakes up every day of their lives and has amazing hair. Sometimes you have good hair days and sometimes you have bad ones that's just life.
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    It could be a multitude of things. Not just the products you're using but also stress, hormones, what kind of water is coming out of your showerhead, and climate/weather most probably. Have you seen this site's frizz forecast feature? It'll tell you if the dew point is in check and whether or not your curls will be more limp or more perky. Also go to and read the section about dew points. It's very enlightening. And Ericachristina's right. Everyone's hair is like that. I've had days that are positively 3B and then most of the others are just 3A. Seems like you're fluctuating between 2C to maybe 3A to 2B (top)/2C (bottom). You could always change your products to more CG ones (if silicones are weighing you down which is what used to be the case with me) but I'm pretty sure the weather has more do with it. Try following the forecast for a few days and seeing if that's the case. Also check your emollient/humectant ratio in your styling products. Too many emollients depending on the dew point (if it's more wet than dry) might weigh your hair down. Too little will cause it to dry out and frizz up. Humectants are hella tricky too. If the dewpoint's in the iffy range they might also be sucking the moisture and therefore bounce out of your curls. But from what I see in your snapshot it doesn't look unhealthy so don't fret. :angel10: Yeah, and there's an angel icon. Don't know why. It just looked reassuring. Peace.
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    Life itself is bipolar and unpredictable ;) Good info above.

    As for your question about henna: yes, it absolutely can cause curls to loosen. It just happened to me upon my first time using the stuff, even though I tried adding another herb to my mix for curl loss prevention (called amla). The amla probably did prevent SOME curl loss, so it's worth adding some to your next henna mix (4:1 ratio of henna/amla). Also, my curl loss appears to have been temporary, but sometimes it's permanent.

    Henna is really good at coating the hair shaft which weighs the hair down. My guess is you are more at risk for your hair loosening if you have fine hair, or hair that isn't very curly (including hair that is just wavy). You can try adding amla to your next henna mix. In addition, you can also use it alone, in between henna treatments (some ppl here rave about it). The reason amla tends to help is a mystery according to Also, the lower the lawsone content of henna, the lower your chance of curl loosening.

    Another way to reduce the curl loosening effect of henna is to retouch roots only, rather than using repeated whole head applications.