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I have a few things to say here :) I did go back to my deva stylist to trim my hair and told her I wanted to also straighten it at times and so she said she'd do some small modifications so it will flow ok straight. She does a GREAT job with curly deva cuts tho!! I have not straightened it yet since the trim.

I want to get some color done - just touch up some greys etc.. nothing drastic. I don't like her coloring so I need to find someone else for that. I made an appointment at a place a friend recommended. I totally forgot about the appointment because I had a seriously sick horse that tried to die on me that week. The lady did leave a message on my phone but I didn't get it til 3 days after the fact. I had been spending all my time in the barn with Monty.
My friend asked if I had called her back since the stylist emailed her on where I was and why I didn't show up. VERY unprofessional in my opinion. My friend she didn't know anything about it.
But my friend did tell me that she was pissed off and she's the type of person that will get nasty about it. She said, "she either won't take you now or she'll charge you." I thought she meant she would charge me more now for a color because of it. At that point I thought, well, forget it... I'll find someone else.
That salon has many other stylists and so I called and made an appointment for a color with someone else. She only asked me for my first name and phone number. I get a call this morning for a reminder of today's appointment and to make sure I also bring in 50.00 CASH for Jackie for the missed appointment.
WHAT??? First off, how did she know it was ME? Jackie is the owner and must go thru everyone's books and found my name and checked the number?? I don't know.
I told the girl my situation and I can't believe she wants that much cash for the missed appointment and why on earth would I want to do business with someone like that???
My question is.... is this a normal practice for hair salons??

I asked the lady who does my facials who she would suggest and she gave me the name and number of a stylist who does her hair color and cuts. She said she has very curly hair too. So maybe.... she might be a good curly cutter down the road - who knows.

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