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Hello fellow curly ladies (and gents?). I recently joined your ranks with a perm at the beginning of this month. All my life I've had baby fine, stubbornly straight, and FLAT hair I could never do anything with and I finally had enough. I said I wanted loose/1" curls and volume so my hairdresser gave me long layers and then used smaller pink rollers in a strip down the middle of the top of my head and bigger grey rollers everywhere else. The result is coily curls as a top layer and 2B waves underneath. I love my hair more now (though it could be shorter in the front, it's pretty much 2-3" past my collarbone all over) but I'm having problems styling it and I don't know if it's my products or my technique. I keep getting really stringy curls and frizzy ends. Before the perm, I only used sulfate free products (Organix coconut milk, tea tree mint, or moroccan oil being my favorites) and didn't heat style or dye my hair so it was really healthy. Right now my routine is:

Shampoo: TiGi Bed Head Styleshots Epic Volume (sulfate free, contains wheat protein)
Conditioner: TiGi Bed Head Styleshots Epic Volume (contains silicone)
Once Weekly Deep Conditioner: Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Moisturizing Hair Smoothie (holy cow, this stuff smells decadent and made my hair feel soft again in just one use after the perm made it a rough, dry, fried mess)
Leave-In/Detanger: Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-in Conditioner (protein-rich, detangles amazingly but I'm still frizzy, might switch to KC Knot Today?)
Styling Product: Aquage Curl Defining Creme (can't seem to find a happy medium, I either get ill-defined fuzz or really stiff/crunchy, want to switch, possibly to KC Curling Custard or CD Hair Milk Pudding Style?)

I've tried plopping several times but I always get a crazy mess of stringy curls while the undermost hair falls straight and fuzzy. If I comb product through, even just finger combing, I always get stringy hair but I don't know how to get my wet hair to go "up" for volume without combing it "up" away from my scalp.
I've tried just scrunching without flipping my hair upside down and the result is okay waves (albeit stiff ones) but from the ears up I have no curl and no volume.

I'd be totally satisfied with either big curls or beach waves. Any ideas how I can achieve that?
2C/3A? (permed, coily curly top layer, 2B waves underneath)
Low Porosity
Medium Density
Very Fine
Medium Length

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