Need some help - WANT my hair to be a little greasy

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Hey people. I found this site and I have a question about my hair. What I do currently is never wash my hair and put jojoba oil in it like very other day. Here's a pic of what it looks like. Notice how it is NOT greasy at all - yet I never wash it.

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I am looking for a product that can make my curls nice and make it a little greasy with some hold that LASTS so maybe I could style it a little. You know what I mean? My mom and sister use products like bedhead and bumble and bumble. They simply do not work. That just make my hair frizzier, yet they have such great reviews. Is there a product that I can use along with the oil. I can't beleive I am asking for help w/ this on the internet lol. I'm kinda looking for something that has the same effect as jojoba oil, but with a little styling hold to make my hair look cooler and so it stays good when I wake up. Any ideas? :)


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    You might want to try wetting your hair first and mixing it in with the oil. Also, try a different oil. Jojoba might be too light for your hair. Water does the trick most of the time but use 1 part water for each part of oil.
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    First thing is, are you co-washing or using a regular shampoo? Co-washing (Using conditioner to "wash" your hair), will leave your hair moisturized and replaces some of the natural oils that shampoo normally washes out.

    Next thing, be sure you're using a conditioner. If you are, great. Now try leaving some or all of the conditioner in your hair instead of rinsing it all out. That will also help give it a moisturized/greasy look/feel.

    Yes to oil if the aforementioned isn't enough. Olive oil rinses or leaving olive oil in hair can work. I've found coconut oil to be very heavy and gives a lot of shine. Gotta be careful w/using oils though. Have to be sure and use a sulfate-based shampoo every once in a while to remove the build-up it can cause. If that's too expensive to experiment with, you could try a basic pomade or gel.

    Bed Head products are good too, though I don't know if they're all CG or not. They're designed to give you that "I haven't washed my hair in a couple days" look. There's a contour creme by them called Foxy Curls and it's thick and heavy. It's pricey too, but goes a long, loooooong way.
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    Yes to carrots is laced with oils, but b careful about buildup...

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    I use 3 minute miracle like once a week and just put jojoba oil in it like every other day. I never shampoo my hair. It feels awful If I do that. I'll try that foxy curls stuff thanks!
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    Good! Hope it works.

    I know what you mean about the shampoo reaction, but if you ever notice your hair suddenly going limp, despite anything you do to it, or feeling "mushy" when wet and generally looking bad, those are signs that you've over-conditioned your hair or have too much product build-up. And that is the one time you may have to suck up and shampoo your hair once to get rid of the build-up (Can then follow it up w/conditioner). I re-emphasize this point because you're saying you don't ever shampoo, plus you do use oil and the Bed Head products are pretty heavy. (Never thought I'd OD on product until the day it actually happened, and it was horrendous.)
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    So I should shampoo it like once a month maybe? I'll probably buy an Aussie shampoo because 3 minute miracle is awesome.
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    I think you'll have to experiment some to see what your hair tolerates, but I think that IN GENERAL, a lot of curly-haired ppl can get away w/frequent conditioner-washes (co-washing), plus a clarifying shampoo once every one or two months. That's probably a good place to start and see how your scalp and hair respond ;)

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