Tried shampoo tragedy!

I'm so upset. I tried herbal essences honey I'm strong. I kind if liked it but I realized it wasn't curly girl approved so I had to wash my my hair with shampoo to get the cones out. I used tressemme flawless curls shampoo, my hair was so dry and my curls looked like wiry cotton. Never again. What can I do to help it bounce back to healthy?

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  • NvmbrCurlssNvmbrCurlss Curl Neophyte Posts: 732Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    PT, then oil rinse or DT?
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    I'll try dt first

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    Try Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie to deep Condition your hair. It is awesome. I have 4a hair. Do it at night and sleep with it in your hair using shower cap of course. Or do 1/2 under lukewarm drier.
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    Thanks I actually have that

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  • pinkwolfpinkwolf Curl Novice Posts: 430Registered Users Curl Novice
    I agree with my fellow curlies. This very same thing happened to me and I ended up doing a bs/acv rinse to get it out. Afterwards I deep conditioned (sheamoisture shea butter masque) with heat. My curls came back to life.

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