I think my hair is protein sensitive

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It's only been a month and a half for me into the CG method & I cut most of my damaged hair (dyed). I noticed my curls went wavy after trying ACV rinse! So I stopped and they slowly came back. And I tried argan oil as a leave in when my hair is both dry & wet separate times & OMG! It tangles so bad & the ends are so frizzy!!! My scalp is itchy, too! I mean I know an itchy scalp means its healing, but it never itched so much until I tried ACV rinse & the argan oil. I used the cream argan oil, though. My hair does well with coconut oil, but not for long, seeing that it makes my hair greasy if I leave it in too long. What does this mean? My hair is porous? Protein sensitive? Both?

Pooh :/ I want my curls to come back! It's been two months since I straightened my hair. I stopped because I want them to come back.

I am a 3b/3c if that helps. My hair curly is above my breasts. When wet, it's half way past them, if not longer. I trimmed my hair 2 or 3 days ago.
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