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Weird question..

ajd25ajd25 Registered Users Posts: 119
I know this is weird but, what do locs feel like..?

I've never felt them before an I'm really curious. Are they like squishy and soft? Or rough?


  • tariwatetariwate Registered Users Posts: 36
    Depends on the hair and the size of the locks. :)

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  • longlivecurlslonglivecurls Registered Users Posts: 271
    When I had mines they felt a little rougher than my hair now since you have to stop using conditioner, but I think it mostly depends on what texture your hair is.
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  • HipsterSoulHipsterSoul Registered Users Posts: 1,017
    Mine feel like a sponge. I use conditioner so they are soft and slightly smushy, like felt.

    Yeah, feels like soft felt.
  • ajd25ajd25 Registered Users Posts: 119
    Haha I actually got to feel some on a white lady. Definetly squishy. :p Thanks~

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