Literal two strand twist!

I'm just super curious if this has ever been done and what it would look like?

What I mean is taking in two strands of hair and twisting them, not two sections.

This would obviously take forever, but I can't help but wonder.


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    I have no reason to believe the hairs would even stay twisted if it was just two strands of hair. This also sounds like a recipe for tangles and breakage.
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    Yup. Its a great protective winter style for me. I Hv 4a hair. Last time it took about 3 hours. I can find a pic if youd like

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    What? This sounds pretty insane to me. Do you know how many strands of hair are on your head...even someone with thinner hair?
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    Haha yea I know it's crazy I just wanted to know if anybody had attempted it and how it'd look. :p

    But yea I'd love to see some pictures!
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    Sounds like it would create crazy tangles if it even stayed
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    I get a headache just thinking about it. :confused4:
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    scrills wrote: »
    Yup. Its a great protective winter style for me. I Hv 4a hair. Last time it took about 3 hours. I can find a pic if youd like

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    You've literally done two strand twists using two hairs per twist?
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    Oh wait . Two hair? No! I guess i miss read. Well she did say literal

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    If you did it, I was going to ask how you undid it! :lol:
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    I would never in a million years attempt this. It would be a nightmare to put in as my hair is massively dense. Secondly, it would be a nightmare to take down without getting massive tangles.
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  • scrillsscrills Posts: 6,700Registered Users
    Yeah, i would advise against it

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    Heck no! Just the thought of it makes me uneasy can you say tangle mess?

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    You might check the psych wards. Lol!
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    noooooo please dont do that. it's the same concept as a tangle, you would purposely be tangling your hair. I know you want that little richard hair, this would be hella counterproductive.

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