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I have 3b/3c hair, when its straightened it comes a little past my back.. So for the past few years I've been straightening my hair every 2 weeks or so because my hair is so hard to manage when it's natural. I've tried Ouidad and it did nothing for my hair, I went through the whole set in less than a month and I don't have the money to constantly buy expensive products. I love the way my hair looks as soon as I get out a shower, but after it dries its verrrrrrrry dry and brittle, and I don't want to go out the house because its so frizzy. The only product I've used that actually prevents that is gel which just dries out my hair even more... I really want to go natural because I'm damaging my hair! ANY tips would be helpful! & I can't figure out how to put up a profile picture lol.. So I attached some pictures.


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    Your hair has almost certainly sustained some level of damage after all that frequent straightening.

    You might not even have the curl pattern you think you do because heat (and chemically) damaged hair often looks both straighter and dryer than it otherwise would.

    You can try protein treatments and ACV rinses to try and mitigate some of the damage and close the hair cuticles to enhance the look of your curls, but you may have to cut off any damaged parts of your hair if you want it to look healthy (or gradually trim it off). But before you do anything, try using a clarifying shampoo to ensure your problem isn't partially caused by product buildup. Follow that up with a quality conditioning treatment. And if you want your hair to look healthy, stop straightening it.