Your Henna adventures.. Tell us your tips and things you've learned!

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A year and a half into my henna adventure.

I am still ecstatic about Henna.. So many benefits over using chemical, polluting, damaging colour.

If only it came in other colours for all my friends, but I am blessed to be in need of this exact shade of RED!

Covers grey like a hot damn, easy to do at home, albeit a bit messy.


I buy 1 kg bags at the Indian grocery store for $7.99
This is Rajasthani, Body Art Quality, very highly pigmented henna.

I mix up the whole 1000 grams at once in my largest mixing bowl. I add 2 1/2 coffee pots full of strong black, HOT tea. The mixing was strenuous work, so I thought, why not use a hand mixer.. PERFECT! The mixer works great. Let the mixture sit a while, about an hour or so. It does not take long to let the pigments release if you are using heat! You can even microwave the mixture to warm it up some more if you want to speed up this process. Note the henna will go dark on the outside, which is not an issue.

When you see the moisture that may have separated out is orange, or that it stains your skin easily, you know it's ready.

Then I take an empty soup can and a freezer-quality, medium-sized zip lock bag and place it in the can, folding the edge over the lip of the can so the can acts as a bag holder. Now you are ready to spoon about 1/5th of the mixture (for long hair) into the freezer zip lock. Spoon away and when you have enough, zip up and repeat for the rest of the bags. These are all ready for the freezer now... you're good for months!

You can use a fresh bag right away or thaw one.. I use the defrost cycle on the microwave which works fast if you stop it part-way and mush it around a lot during the cycle.

I take the freezer bag and slide the henna to the bottom. Then I cut a corner off..Enough to make a 1/2 inch hole. Then I squeeze onto my hair as if it's a pastry bag. So easy!

I drop the bag into the sink as I'm hennaing, when I need to use both hands. This does get messy, but really it cleans up so easily. Henna does not stain countertops or sinks or towels or floors. Just make sure you've got good gloves on and have a damp cloth handy to wipe up as you go, and for wiping around your face.

Once the henna is in my hair, I wrap with plastic wrap and go watch TV for a bit.

I used to think that I needed to leave henna in for 4 hours. I tried 3.. worked great.. I tried 2, just fine! I even tried 1 1/2 and got great results.

One thing that may dissuade you from henna is its relaxing properties. I used to have 3b hair and now have 2b hair. It's been quite a transition for me, but I'm really loving it most times. The shine is shown off so much more with straighter hair. Henna is sooo shiny.

The colour is so consistent and so non-fading.. it covers all the grey so beautifully. I wish I'd learned the real truth about it years ago instead of believing the lies told to me about henna by the hair industry!!!

What are your secrets in getting great results??

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