Shampoo rec for wavy, fine hair?

Been using DevaCurl No-Poo for a little over a week (my Deva stylist recommended it), and I think I need something more "shampoo-ier." :) My hair looks a tad greasy. I had the same look using Wen in the past, so I think I do need a bit of a shampoo.

What would you recommend? I have wavy hair that is fine, but I have a lot of it. Color-treated as well.

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    :icon_smile: Hello! Organix Shampoo without sulfates, is so great!!!
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    Have you tried the Deva Low-Poo? That might be better option for you, if you like the Deva line in general. I'd also recommend Shea Moisture Curl & Shine shampoo, which you could probably get right away if you want, since it's available at CVS and Target. Hopefully others will chime in as well since I myself don't have fine hair. I don't feel like the Low-Poo or Shea Moisture weigh my hair down at all though, so I would guess that they would work for fine hair. And they are much more "shampooey" than the No-Poo. :)
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    I have lots of fine wavy hair too, but not color treated. I started with no poo, but too felt needed something more. So I went to their low poo and really liked it but didn't like the $$ . I'm now using yes to carrots and like that. I've heard good things about Shea moisture so that is next to try.
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    These are all good suggestions. I'm going to just throw one more thing out there. When I first started CG I truly believed I couldn't co-wash. Then I did some more reading and learned my technique was incorrect. Once I modified my technique, I had no issues with co-washing. Generally I've found that the more gentle the cleanser is, the more I have to make sure I'm massaging scalp well while cleansing and while rinsing out my cleanser. I'm not saying that there aren't people who really do need to use low-poo regularly, but it might be worth trying.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies!
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    I like Yes to Carrots or Cucumbers.
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