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well, owen is turning 1 in 2 weeks. i had planned on starting to pump wean if possible after that...my supply usually drops some during my period, but after this last one, it won't come back! i've tried all my tricks. eating oatmeal, drinking lots of water, kangaroo time with owen, nursing more on weekends, or having a beer....i've gone from pumping 20 oz a day to a measley 8 oz a day. :(
fortunately, owen is ready to start trying whole milk, so we've been doing that to supplement at daycare...
why do i feel like i'm failing him? i feel like my body is rushing me through the weaning process. i don't know if we'll be able to nurse in mornings and evenings still or not.

any suggestions? how fast is too fast to transition them over to whole milk full time? right now i've had to replace one of his bottles....
i guess i feel overwhelmed because i didn't get to plan this. it's kinda just happening... :(

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    My body, and my daughter kind of weaned themselves off together. Although for me, it was really early.

    If he's turning 1 in 2 weeks, he can take the whole milk now, and if you have no more supply left, personally I would say just let it dry up and start giving him milk. I can't imagine that 2 weeks is going to make much of a difference.

    Don't feel as though you're failing him. You've been breastfeeding for a year, and that's fantastic. That's much longer than most people go, and think of how much he's benefitted during that time!

    Formula fed babies are weaned onto whole milk at a year, so he will be fine if you move him onto whole milk now. I know the transitition is going to be hard on you, but you will get through it. Maybe your body is telling you it's just time.
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    If he's taking the whole milk without problems already, you can probably switch him right away. But if you would be more comfortable going more gradually, you can keep up pumping a bit longer.
    You may till be able to nurse him in the mornings and evenings. Even if he is not getting a whole lot of milk, he can still get a lot of comfort from it.

    Good luck with whatever happens
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    i've been pumping more often and longer then normal...just is making it so i can get what little milk i'm getting. i used to be able to pump out 20oz in 2 5-10 min sessions. no problem...now i'm pumping for 20 mins 3 times a day and managing 8-12oz. guh.

    well, i guess the time would come eventually. and i DID breastfeed for a year while working full time, which is amazing! and i'm very proud of that!

    owen has been having 1 4oz service of whole milk for 2-3 days now. the only side effects i've seen so far? he's farting like crazy! and he's had 2 BMs a day instead of just 1...are these just his system adjusting? he doesn't seem to be in any pain at all. no rashes. etc. i haven't seen a BM yet to know if they're runny or mucusy, but i'd think his DCP would say something if they were.
    i love how i'm worrying about poop! :roll: :lol:
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    I pump weaned my son at a year and my daughter at 9 months (I was only working 3 days a week with her, and she would only take 2 or 3 oz from the bottle when I was gone- it seemed silly to pump and it was difficult). Even after transitioning to milk (organic formula in Maya's case), Max nursed in the evenings for another year and a half and Maya nursed until 17 months. I don't know how much they were getting, but with an older baby, quantity isn't as important, and they both wanted to nurse. I'm sure they were getting something.

    I weaned Max because I was sick of nursing. I weaned Maya because she wouldn't stop biting (and giggling about it) (Had she been younger, I probably would have been more persistent).
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    why do i feel like i'm failing him? i feel like my body is rushing me through the weaning process. i don't know if we'll be able to nurse in mornings and evenings still or not...i guess i feel overwhelmed because i didn't get to plan this. it's kinda just happening...
    Aww, but you've done a great job, and made it a year! That's amazing! I know how you feel though. When I recently lost the private place at work to pump, the whole situation became so stressful and difficult that I couldn't relax and my milk supply suffered. I ended up just having to give it up, because of the hassle and because my body wasn't cooperation. It's been psychologically difficult too; I felt like I was failing Zora. On workdays, we manage to still get 2-3 nursings in most days. I'll keep doing those for as long as she wants them. It's funny though, I've had a love/hate relationship with nursing, but now that it's winding down, and not really of my own choice, it makes me so sad!
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    You are amazing! A whole year while working fulltime? *bowing at your feet*

    My youngest was only Nine months old when my milk slowed way down. I was really feeking out, thinking that MY body was failing him somehow. I talked to several people about it - my ped, the hospital nursing expert and my nursing friends - and they all said pretty much the same thing. Once your baby starts eating solid food your body adjusts to what they need. Truth was that he didn't miss nursing nearly as much as I did - LOL! He was my last and I was really sad about it. I got to nurse first thing in the morning and at night before bed for about three more weeks and then he just stopped. He was done.

    You have done a great job!
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    Wow, Owen is going to be one in two weeks!!! Seems like only yesterday I was reading all your breastfeeding questions...and hoping to retain the information for Chas.

    Congrats on BF for a whole year!!! I only hope I can make it that long. Don't feel guilty you've done a great job!!!

    Sorry, no advice on the weaning thing...I'm sure I'll have the same questions if I make it a year. :)
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    Every time I see this thread I think the title says pup weaning :lol:

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    pup weaning.

    thanks for the support everybody. i guess i just needed to get myhead wrapped around it. i was ready to do it, but not quite ready. now, i'm cool with it. i've done it longer then most, and longer then i imagined i would do it!
    we're still going strong. i just pump less each day, and he drinks wholemilk for one bottle a day. its going okay. i'm sure we'll hang onto the morning and night feedings for a while.

    :D thanks again! [/img]
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