Would you take methotrexate for this?

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I have an autoimmune condition called morphea which is a localized scleroderma. It shows up as dark skin patches that look like bruises. Here is a photo of my left shin:


It has been rapidly spreading over the last two years. It showed up when I was a teenager but was limited to my trunk, so I didn't care. Now it is on my feet, legs, arms, and breasts and keeps spreading.

My rheumatologist said I should take a low does of methotrexate to stop it, but methotrexate has scary side effects. It is a chemotherapy drug that also suppresses the immune system.

I am weighing the risks of taking the drug versus the possibility of having my morphea spread to my face or get worse. I already don't like wearing skirts without hose and I would hate to give up sleeveless shirts.

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    How long would you need to take it and would it then really be stopped or would it possibly start up again?
    When are women going to face the fact that they don’t know their own bodies as well as men who have heard things?

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    Hi, if I were you I would not risk the side effects of the medication. Your bruises do not look bad to me at all ;). If they bother you buy dermablend makeup to cover them up, it works great for marks on the body and face. I bruise really easy and I still wear skirts. Hope I was helpful.
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    Mrs. Poppers, I think I had to take it for three months off and on for a year or two, but I don't recall exactly. I would only take it once a week. It's been more than two years since I saw the rheumatologist, so I don't remember the details.

    Thanks for your input, Apollo! I go back and forth on how bad it is which is how I ended up here. :)
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    It depends.

    Have you explored non-drug related ways to help treat it? I'd never heard of this condition but just googled and saw that light therapy can be used to treat it.

    New light therapy offers effective treatment for patients with morphea, eczema

    I also saw this.

    Natural treatments:

    There are four key natural treatments for the symptoms of morphea that may help you, and none will have any of the side effects that corticosteroids and immune suppressing drugs will have. They include vitaminicon1.png
    C, A, and E, as well as beat-carotene. However, there is also a new natural treatment referred to as PABA or para-aminobenzoic that may also help, although
    technically it is not a vitamin.

    If I'd exhausted all natural and homeopathic forms of treatment and saw no relief, I might consider the methotrexate.... but I'd have to research it more comprehensively.
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    Hi Lolo, I agree with Apollo. Your bruises don't look bad to me at all and makeup will make them even less noticeable. I have bad spider veins and makeup does a great job of covering them.

    Also, I don't find marks of any kind on the body a big deal. Scars, bruises, etc. meh.... On the face to me is much more of an issue.

    {{{Lolo}}} Just a hug for encouragement. :hello2:
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    I have been taking mtx for five years, now as, I have Autoimmune Rheumatoid Disease. The biggest issue I have had is an interaction between mtx and celebrex, which has caused kidney damage. I take the injectable which seems to have lesser side effects for me. I also take prescription strength folic acid to counter the effects of hair loss. I have no hair loss and my hair is thriving, thanks to the folic acid and CG method.

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    I have systemic lupus which is autoimmune and have avoided MTX so far. It's important to try and stop the autoimmune reaction or slow it down as much as possible. High quality fish oil (I take 4 grams a day which is a moderate dose), vit C, vit D and probiotics help to modulate the immune system. If you haven't tried anything else, I would start there before the MTX.
    Something as simple as a gluten intolerance can be fueling this internal fire. Unfortunately, there are no easy ways to test for this so you need to do an elimination diet.

    Dr Hyman is a MD and a functional medicine dr. His site is a valuable resource.

    /home/leaving?" class="Popup
    Nine Steps to Treating Autoimmune Disease
    1.Check for hidden infections — yeast, viruses, bacteria, Lyme, etc. — with the help of a doctor, and treat them.
    2.Check for hidden food allergens with IgG food testing or just try The UltraSimple Diet, which is designed to eliminate most food allergens.
    3.Get tested for celiac disease, which is a blood test that any doctor can do.
    4.Get checked for heavy metal toxicity. Mercury and other metals can cause autoimmunity.
    5.Fix your gut. For details, see my blog on irritable bowel syndrome.
    6.Use nutrients such as fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin D, and probiotics to help calm your immune response naturally.
    7.Exercise regularly — it’s a natural anti-inflammatory.
    8.Practice deep relaxation like yoga, deep breathing, biofeedback, or massage, because stress worsens the immune response.
    9.Tell your doctor about Functional Medicine and encourage him or her to get trained — go to Institute for Functional Medicine > Home for more information and to get a copy of the Textbook for Functional Medicine.
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    I hated mtx, and it hated me, but I tried it. I have auto immune rheumatoid arthritis, this was the first disease modifying drug we tried. Lots of people have great success with it, worth trying if it will make you feel better (mentally or physically)

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    My 13 year old neighbor boy just completed 12 weeks of this drug IV for the same condition as the OP. If it were me I sure would!
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    Re: Wiregirl's post - isn't it great that we have this place where we can get this kind of info and feedback. You never know what another curly can bring to the table.

    Good luck Lolo!
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    I don't think the discoloration is bad, either. But do other symptoms accompany it (e.g., hardness or loss of sensation)?