Hair cut too short now I can't stand it and need HELP!

I let my hair grow for a while and for some hair brained (pardon the pun)reason I decided my curly/wavy hair needed "a style". To look more done or acceptable for business. So I had it cut into a wavy 1920's bob and when I had it trimmed, it was butchered. I can't wear it curly because it looks like a triangle, it doesn't look good wavy and barely looks passable when I flat iron(yes I have been reduced to that). I want to wear a hat all the time. I can't coax it to look lovely and curly and manageable until I let it grow out and never cut it again. It was so nice at Bra Strap level and wavy or even with corkscrews in the summer. What was wrong with me? Did I temporarily lose my mind? I would love any support in my time of need. Can I coax it to grow faster or at least to bring out the curl/wave so it doesn't look totally awful? My hair is like Kim Basinger's or Meg Ryan's or Nicole Kidman's when they wore it curly. I know, what was I thinking! Thank you, I have heard great things about this community.
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    I dont know how to help remedy the situation but just want to say I've been there and feel for you.

    From the moment I looked in the mirror I knew it was a mistake, I cried everytime I saw mine for weeks when I cut mine too short myself. Only consolation is that it is hair, and it will grow, mine did.

    I'm sure it doesnt look that bad, I'm also sure that someone here will be able to give some useful advice, they always do.
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    don't know if you want to chance getting any more cut, but you might could try some long layers to help get rid of the triangle hair.
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    Oh gosh. I wish I could say something to make it better.

    I'm actually growing my hair out (down to my chin now!) from a MAJOR hair meltdown last summer where I had to get it ALL cut off (to like a pixie cut).

    Patience and as much sense of humor as you can muster are the best medicine. Resist doing much to it until it starts to grow, you don't want to dig yourself any deeper.

    I just threw my energy into taking care of what I had and it forced me to get really creative.

    I forged a very close relationship with cute hats, hair bands, scarves, barrettes, clips, etc. Hair clips have become my best friend. I've even found ways to do "updoes" by pulling on a headband then loosely clipping the back and sides up with bobby pins and makes me look like I have long hair that is pulled up!
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    Hair vitamins can help growth. Mine sure grows faster now. In the mean time at least it's cold so hats are expected
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    You might want to go back (or to someone new if you don't trust the original stylist) and have them shape it up. You can have them put in layers without sacrificing on the bottom length. Since you have a triangle effect, it sounds like the cut might be wrong (not necessarily the length just the overall shape). Also, depending on when you got it cut, sometimes, it takes your hair a little bit to settle into a drastic cut. You also might be having "buyer's remorse" by the sudden change in length. I have done this drastic chop before, spent a few days crying and hating my hair and then I started learning how to work with the new style and found that I loved it.

    On the bright side, now is your chance to experiment with some new styles, and you'll find tons of moral support on this board.
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    My senior year in high school, I cut my hair to about cheek length. At the time I kinda liked it, but by the fall I wanted to grow it out. My saving graces were headbands and bobbypins! If I didn't like the way it looked, I just kept pinning it up until I did, or threw it back in a headband so it was away from my face. Granted, I was a freshman in college and would go to class in my pj's... not exactly office attire... but play around w/ it, and maybe you could figure out a way to wear your hair that you can like until it gets longer.

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    Hi there

    My heart goes out to you, its awful when that happens. I had a similar disaster haircut a while ago, I had grown out a BC to my shoulders, went for a trim and tidy up, and got loads chopped off :x

    A lot of the time I wore tiara style head bands to hold some down and give it dome kind of shape, and sometimes I would take 4 to 6 sections around the side and top, twist them backward and clip each one with a tiny butterfly. The ends stood up like a little "c" and looked pretty cute. This tided me over til it was long enough to tie back, after that growing out was a lot easier.

    If I can dig out a pic of the twist hairdo Ill post it. Its sort of hard to explain.


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    All your suggestions are terrific! I had one good curly hair day when I didn't wash it, I just wet it and put some conditioner on it and it was very happy. I think long layers would help if I can find a hairdresser I can trust!!
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