Is there a way to thicken a light gel?

I accidentally bought WAY too much of a light gel that has no hold on my hair and is also a little drying (any advice on how to make it a little more moisturizing would be nice too ^_^)

Is there anything I could add or do to give it more hold?


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    To give it more hold you could mix it with a stronger gel and to make it more moisturizing you could try adding a little Shea butter or leave-in conditioner.
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    Not enough hold and it's drying? I'd just give it away or toss it.

    If you start adding too much to an already made product, you'll compromise the preservatives in it.
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    Only thing I can think to thicken it, is to leave some out (don't try to do it all at once) exposed to air so some of the moisture evaporates, then stir. Do maybe a week's worth at a time. Won't work in an extremely humid environment though. As for moisture, I don't know, but I usually put a little oil in my hand (jojoba, lanolin, or something like Carols Daughter, etc), then my blob of gel, mix it all with my hands, and apply it to my hair. That usually keeps it from being too drying. However, if it turns lumpy and clotty while you mix the oil and gel in your hand, don't apply it, that means the gel isn't compatible with an oil.

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