New curly girl, in dire need of a UK hairdresser

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Hi I think i have type 3B Hair.

I am currently 22 and i have been straightening my hair since i was 12 as it was very unmanageable and always looked a mess. before i straighten my hair i use to always just wear my hair in plats to keep my freeze more tame. Although my mum has curly hair she also did not know what to do with my hair as it was a lot thicker then hers.

I do love having straight hair but i go fed up with it so i have been curly for the past year, however i haven't a clue how to care for and manage my hair.

My mum has brought me the curly girl book for Christmas so that should hopefully help me learn to deal with it on a daily basis.

My main current problem is when i had my hair straight i had layers in it, and since going curly this makes my hair look ridiculous, i have been to numerous hairdressers that state "yes we do curly hair" but the cut i receive makes it worse and i come out looking like i have been dragged though a hedge backwards. I think the cut is never right as it been cut wet and my underneath hair is no where as curly as my top layer, therefore the cut i receive makes it look like i am wearing some sort of extensions or something along them lines. I live in Derby in the East midlands of the UK and would appreciate any suggestions of a hairdresser i could go to (even to travel to) so i can get my hair sorted out once and for all!

Thank you for your time Sarah x

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