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Okay so enough of you know me where I don't have to do the old school break it down who I am and yadda yadda introduction.

Anyone that does not know me...Hi :afro: ...I'm Leelee.
Anywhoo, for the newbies and the OG triple triple OG's I wanted to link you guys to my new FB page. It's like a spinoff addition to my YouTube channel except i post other stuff like sales, coupon codes when i get wind of them, other blogs, ish like that.

No Rehab Necessary | Facebook
So please "like" and share if you dig it. And for the youtube..NEW Videos SOON!
NoRehab Necessary - YouTube

...Any questions for me feel free to hmu here, in my pm box, twitter, (@curleedrugz) or my channel.
:reindeer:thanks ya'll for looking.
*Blue Curls Don't Care!*

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KY is for inferior b*tches. -Keeny*

My YouTube Channel ~ http://www.youtube.com/user/CurleeDrugz



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