i have 3b hair and i dont know what kind of bangs to get straight down or sideways??

kool-aid girlkool-aid girl Posts: 4Registered Users
:color:i wanna get bangs but i never had them before and dont know what kind well be better straight or sideway?????
what one should i get?


  • forevercurly96forevercurly96 Posts: 44Registered Users
    When I got my hair trimmed I decided to get bangs. At first I got side bangs which I loved. But one day when I was styling my hair my bangs kept falling down in my face like regular straight across your head bangs. Guess my bangs grew out. So, I got mad and I was like fine stay like like that then. And when I went to school I got a TON of comments.

    However, I prefer my side bangs. Btw I cut my hair back so it is a side bang again.
  • TwistedManeTwistedMane Posts: 37Registered Users
    Sideways if any. Make sure they are cut when they are curly (so that they don't shrink up super short). Check out waterlily716 on youtube... her sort of face framing layers might work well1
  • ZipporahCurlyZipporahCurly Posts: 34Registered Users
    Side because it would look much cuter :P