What would be a good thank you gift for teachers?

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since a few of my teachers wrote me recommendation letters for college applications, I wanted to get them something to say thank you. what would be some good gifts? i'm hoping a teacher will chime in with something you would enjoy getting.

I was thinking a Barnes and Noble gift card for my English teacher, or a book she said she wanted to read, along with a thank you note. does this sound good?

the other two are a history teacher and a biology teacher; suggestions please? thank you!
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    My sister and her fellow teachers like to get gift cards. Starbucks is always popular but Amazon would be nice too. I hate B&N but if you know your teacher shops there, go for it.
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    When I was working with teachers all the time, they were always talking about buying supplies for their class (with their own money), so I'd be likely to get a teacher a staples gift card or something like that, plus a nice thank you note.
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    The teachers that give recommendations at my school generally don't expect thank yous- my school is very competitive and and application process is especially stressful- so I think they appreciate any sort of thank you. I gave a nice handwritten thank you and homemade brownies, and will probably give gift cards for teachers that I've been especially close to at the end of the year.
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    I second what Like.Australia said. Most of my experience is with college level instructors, but they were always purchasing stuff for their classes. A roommate of mine would also buy supplies for her classroom.

    A thought for your English and History teachers. My roommate was a junior high English teacher. Her greatest desire was to purchase DVD libraries based off books. I tried to find out for you, but couldn't fine anything online that made sense. It was stuff like the Jane Austen books DVD, the Bronte sister's books DVD, there were some that had to do with history, too, if I remember correctly. She told me because she was an educator, she was able to purchase these DVD collections at a significant discount, but I don't remember where she told me she got it from. And she wasn't going to use it in class, just for her own personal use. It may be worth looking into...something unusual you might be able to do for them.