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I used to be natural in 2008-09. It was much easier for me then because i had in micros most of the time. In 2009 I decided to go back to relaxed hair. I did not want to be away at school sitting over the stove hot combing my hair. Now looking back on it I wish i would have stuck with it. I do not know there was a natural hair community out there that I could go to for advice and could teach me so much new things about my hair. I should have done my research. Now I am going natural again. It is harder this time around, no braid or twists, just the fro. I started the transition in April and the big chopped in October. I was regretting the BC because I am not a short hair kind of girl but it grew on me. I am trying out the modified CG method. I am trying to be a reformed PJ. It just hard seeing all the products I want to try. Until very recently I was using mixed chicks DC and LI. I found out that it contains silicones which I am trying to stay away from. Sigh I am disappointed. I am now looking for something new to use. The PJ in me is overjoyed at the thought lol. Advice and suggestions would be wonderful.
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    welcome to curltalk! let me hit ya with some serious links!!! lol

    CG product list >>

    curly girl method is really popular so there's a ton of existing threads on here discussing CG friendly products! Hopefully these links give you a good starting point! Let me know :)
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    Yes these links have helped me a lot. Now I just need to find a link where I can find ingredients that I need to stay away from. I know silicones and sulfates are the main ones but I wonder if there is more.

    Thanks again.
    Hair type: 3c/4a/4b
    Routine: Modified CG
    Color Treated
    Transition: April '12
    BC: October '12
    Products: As I Am Coconut Cowash
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    Welcome! :)

    You might also want to stay away from drying alcohols (e.g. pure alcohol, denat. alcohol, SD alcohol, ethanol, methanol, propanol, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol (however most other -yl alcohols are actually REALLY good ingredients), parafin, mineral oils, beeswax.

    Oh and then there are some people who are protein sensitive (but remember, even protein sensitive hair NEEDS protein every now and then).

    Here's an alcohol list. CurlySuzy Q&A: Help Me Understand Alcohols
    It's not in the list, but cetearyl alcohol is also a good alcohol.
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